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Post by Overlord Viktor on Mon Jul 09, 2018 11:37 pm


Do Not Disrespect Your Alphas or Any Lead Ranks!

* This requires both in the forum and the game!

* Disrespecting the Alpha or Any Lead Rankings in either the forum OR the Game will result in the Punishment Rank for 3 in game days and a Forum Ban for 3 in real days


Do not Disobey Alphas or Admins!

* If you do this and you are caught you will be put in the Punished Rank for a week in real and a week ban in the forum.


Do Not Go OverBoard with Torturing!

* This means do not sit there for hours torturing the omegas or punished! It is okay to torture them but dont go overboard. Keep it fair.

* If you are caught doing this you will be kicked from the pack and banned from the forum. PERMANENTLY


If you are told to Stop. STOP!

* If any high rank tells you to stop. DO IT! Trust me, theres a good reason behind it. If a lead rank is telling you to stop for no reason, please report it to Viktor or Mira ASAP so we can sort things out.

* IF an lead rank tells you to stop the first time, they wont repeat themselves they will put you into the punished rank.

* LEAD RANKS! If there is a person breaking this rule, DO NOT place a ban on them until you have informed Viktor or Mira and has gotten a response. You can put them in the Punished Rank but dont place a ban on them on the forum until Viktor or Mira confirms it!

* USERS! If you are caught breaking this rule, you will be put in the Punished rank for 2 in game days and Banned for 2 in real life days.



* Its okay to curse, but dont spam it!

* Keep it PG-16

* These curse words are okay: "Dang it, Damn" etc but dont use God's or Jesus name in vain! It might offend some people.

* If you are offended by the curse words 'Jesus Christ' or 'God Damn' please keep it to yourself as its possible the person saying those words do not support the same religion as you do. And do not criticize them for it either. Its a free world, everyone has their own opinions and beliefs

* If you are caught breaking this rule, you will be kicked from the pack and banned from the forum PERMANENTLY



[color=#FF0000]* Meaning Images and Roleplays

[center][u]* This is a PG-16 pack and forum! If we see harassing, You will be kicked and banned from the forum. PERMANENTLY!



* Mating is okay, but keep it in whisper and find a secluded spot for it

* If you are caught mating in group or local chat, OR in public. Not only will you get in trouble and possibly banned from the game. You will be kicked from the pack and banned from the forum. PERMANENTLY!!!

8 )

Killing Others

* It is okay to kill others characters, but it is NEVER okay to do it without there permission! It is not your character, it is theres and if they wish for that character to not be killed, then you should not kill it!

* Same goes for harming, wounding, or nearly fatally wounding others characters. Always ask permission!

* If you are caught breaking this rule, you will be kicked and banned from the site. PERMANENTLY!


Respawning/Rebirthing characters

* As this pack a lot of the time is involved in death and dismemberment, it is likely your character will die at some point and its likely it will be by a pack mate. Even though no one can kill your character without your permission. But we are semi-realistic, we are realistic in the fact that if you are fatally wounded and are attacked, you will die. Or if you bleed out, you die. With this being said you are allowed to respawn/reborn your characters if you wish to do so.

* Do not have someone purposely kill your character just so you can reborn it. You are only allowed to respawn/reborn your characters IF your character is either murdered by the pack, has died of natural causes and has been a member and have actively role-played for at least 3 weeks.

* If you do decide to do what was stated above, you will be kicked from the pack and banned from the site PERMANENTLY!


Multiple Characters

* You are allowed up to 3 characters within the pack on one account.

* If you are caught trying to sneak in an extra character on a second account you will be banned from the site and kicked from the pack PERMANENTLY! And all of your characters will be stated as brutally murdered and possibly eaten.


Only the High's and Royalty's can breed

* However we do appreciate drama in this pack, so please feel free to stir up some trouble by breaking this rule. This rule will have no punishment like banning from the site or kicking from the pack. We actually encourage breaking this rule. The more drama the better!

* However if you are caught with your pups, the higher ups in the pack will kill them, and if the parents protect them, one or both parents will die. The methods of killing the pups will change, not for the better for the worse.

* Killing of the pups and/or parents however is not allowed without permission. If the parents can keep the pups hidden aswell as their love affair, and bring the pups when they are fully grown, and are able to prove themselves to the Overlords, they will be accepted. If you choose to bring up the parents love affair then and the pups are strong and healthy, Viktor will let it slide.

* This is a Power Hungry pack, meaning if the parents bring the now adult pups, and they fail to prove themselves, they will be killed or placed in the omega rank where they will be full range for torture, as well as the parents.
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