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Post by Overlord Viktor on Mon Jul 09, 2018 11:54 pm

Viktor's Past - Before Crew of Torment was Born.
Viktor was born, just as any other wolf to a mother and father, but he had no other siblings, all he had was his parents..but that wasn't the worse part, Viktor always had a different and more...crazed mind set. It was starting to get more noticeable when Viktor was learning how to hunt, so at first he'd kill a mouse...but he didn't just kill it, he ripped the small morsel to bits and then seemed to laugh or get very proud of himself as he stared down at the mangled body..

His parents kinda shook it off at first, and didn't really discipline his sadistic ways of killing mice that seemed to get worse and worse as he grew older and with no discipline, he never stopped. Viktor grew as wolves do, and he moved from mice, to elk, now elk are a different story as obviously they are alot bigger, but that didn't detour Viktor, if anything it inspired him to think of more malicious ways to kill his prey. Viktor would first break the legs of the terrified elk, before then proceeding to start eating it alive, but he'd start at the spine, and then he'd rip the spine out of the panicking elk, obviously killing it immediately.

This was when his parents started to get...concerned...but they still refused to discipline their son and his sadistic ways. It wasn't until a neighboring pack moved into a territory nearby did things start to escalate, he happened to meet a girl that he deemed worthy to gain his affections, but his parents disproved of his love-life and tried to separate the two.

Viktor did not approve of this at all, and he did not hesitate to slaughter his parents for trying to separate him, but his rage did not stop there, he took his rage out on the entire pack, killing his alpha and the rest of his pack mates. Thinking that his murderous spree would perhaps impress the girl he had affections for, he wasn't happy when he found out that she didn't like him anymore...she feared him.

Whereas Viktor thought that being feared was more flattering than being loved, he still was outraged, and ended up killing her to.

Now Viktor still lives in the territory where he murdered his birth pack, and has claimed the land as his own. Everything was peaceful and dandy, until a certain female came strolling in, and well...it seems shes just as crazy as he is.

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