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Rituals - Events

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Rituals - Events

Post by Overlord Viktor on Tue Jul 10, 2018 8:30 pm

There are events that do occur at certain times, that we call Rituals. Some rituals will be random, some happen all the time and others only start at certain times of the year

The Love Brawl
This event happens when the Overlordess has left the pack, or has passed away. This is a event where all valuable and available females will come up to the plate in battle. And will fight eachother to the death (not literally) the last female standing will be the victor and will then forward be the Overlordess. Same goes for the Overlord if he were to leave or die, but that would be up to the Overlordess

The Fate
This event is where all members will come together and fight eachother in an all out war. This event is usually called when a number of new members join the pack, this also gives members a chance to show their worth and power to their Overlords. If you die, your death will be a symbol of what happens when you are not strong enough to survive within Crew of Torment. If you live, depending on how well you fought your own comrades, you may even get boosted up in the ranks, but dont get your hopes up on that.

(More will be added)
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